After Grandma packed up some of our effects in boxes, we spent a few days at an Airbnb. This is a photo taken our first night there.  You can see I’m fully dressed in my cone and a t-shirt.  The t-shirt was to prevent me from lacerating my back and neck with my back foot.  Since it was the first time Grandma had to put a t-shirt on me, she sewed a thick piece of cloth onto the t-shirt because she was afraid I would cut my back more.

Even at the Airbnb, Grandma seemed nervous.  She was still looking for a new apartment for us to live in.

After a few nights in the Airbnb, the next twelve days, Grandma and I lived with one of her best friends, who had a house.  She offered her spare bedroom for us to stay in.  Grandma seemed much happier there. Sometimes, Grandma and her friend would chat for hours. After about a week, there was the day that Grandma brought a tiny bottle of champagne to her friend’s house. Grandma seemed giddier than she usually was. She was celebrating that we had a new apartment.

Most of the time at her friend’s house, I was in the room with the door closed. Her friend had two dogs and one indoor/outdoor cat.  I was and am used to being the one and only cat and animal.  One evening I was brave and ventured out of the room walking towards the living room, and there were the TWO DOGS waiting for me. I ran full out back into the room. Grandma was there and closed the door.

To pass the time in the room,  I sat in my tower, peering out the window.  I sniffed the fresh air and watched the activity going on outside my window. I heard the birds, and watched the outdoor cat. Some nights as I became healthier, I stayed up and gazed at the stars and moon and watched the small animals such as squirrels run across the yard. From this place we moved to our new apartment. YAY!

If you want to find out about the time when I lived with other cats, you can read my book, Sofi’s Tale, which I wrote with Grandma, Barbara E. Wade.

May your MEOW be heard.

May your VOICE be heard.