Where I used to live several years ago, I never saw squirrels. I lived with my Mom in a big city. This was before I came to live with Grandma almost three years ago.  Then at Grandma’s first apartment, there were more trees and thus, more squirrels. These squirrels have golden brown tummies.  They are not the boring gray squirrels that I had heard of.

Sometimes, when grandma sees a squirrel before I do, she picks me up and carries me to the main back door glass slider, where we have a small patio. At the first apartment, she would carry me to my tower next to the main window. From there I could look at the squirrels in the neighboring bush.

I become very excited when I see them. The squirrels are very close to me, when I’m sitting where we live now, so it is ALMOST as if I were outside with them.

Before I lived with my Grandma, she told me that she would talk to the squirrels and pretend they were her kitties.  She wanted a kitty.  It had been more than 15 years since she had had a cat. Now, she doesn’t have to pretend anymore.  She is still friendly towards the squirrel and sometimes throws peanuts or almonds on the little patio for them to eat. That brings them to the glass slider, and then I get to see them. Yay!

To learn more about my Mom, Grandma, and me, you can read my book Sofi’s Tale, which I wrote with Grandma, Barbara E. Wade.

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