You’ve seen me wearing various different kitty cones in these blogs. There is a reason for this. I can’t help myself. I itch a lot and I am an obsessive cleaner and licker. You can blame some of that cleaning on my Siamese inheritance; I’m a short hair cat, too.  I also have had inflammation problems from different causes and allergies, too.

I used to have food allergies.  At that time I even licked and ripped the fur off of my upper thigh.  That time at the vet’s office, the technician put a HUGE plastic cone on me that I had to wear for about two weeks. Grandma had to hold up my food and water, so that I could eat or drink anything.

After several visits to a different vet who helps animals with allergies like me, we changed my food.  Now I eat canned venison and salmon and have special dry food. Then without knowing it we were living where there was black mold.  That messed with me.  Then we moved, and we had a flea problem, which made me itch a lot, even with flea medicine on me.  Then…then…. Most recently it was my dry skin.

In this photo of me, I am wearing a small kitty cone that my Grandma covered with tough white canvas on both sides of the cone.  The reason she covered the cone was she hoped to keep me from shredding my blue store bought kitty cone which I would normally destroy in about two weeks. I could do this because I was able to lick the blue cone on the inside and split the cone on the outside when I kicked it with my back feet and claws trying to itch.

Since the all white cone, I have had more new cones that are reinforced more than the original white one was. I’ve also had a light green cone, and right now I am wearing a light brown cone that matches some of my fur. By using the extra strong outdoor furniture material to cover store bought cones, they tend to last about one month or more.

I have resigned myself to being a permanent kitty cone wearer.  It is NOT a fashion statement. Even though with a cone on, I walk with a swagger.

To see me without a cone, and learn more of my back story, you can buy my book Sofi’s Tale, that I wrote with my Grandma, Barbara E. Wade.

You can purchase it at the website: .

May your MEOW be heard!

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