For a while this blog will be mine. This Unity and Respect is for all beings human and animals. I am a cat named Sofi. A book about me will be available to buy and launched on May 28, 2020. It is called Sofi’s Tale. The humans in my blog are the people I live with or have lived with in the past.

I’m an indoor cat; I’ve got so many issues that going outside doesn’t work for me.

  1. I’m highly allergic to fleas and a whole lot of other things including grass!
  2. I get along better with people than I do with other cats. I’ve had some bad history with male cats. Possibly if I could go into therapy and sort out my family and old house mate issues, I would have less anxiety. We, cats do not have THAT option unlike humans who sometimes, choose NOT to get help from therapy. Nor do we cats know how to forgive our past or past trauma. This leaves us stuck with our issues.
  3. Most dogs give me high anxiety, too.
  4. The one time I did get to go outside where I live, I headed to the most poisonous plant in the garden area.
  5. I live right next to a “cut through street” that often has lots of traffic. Many a cat where I live has been run over on the street which is not that far from my front door.

I enjoy the outside by looking out the windows where I live; during warm seasons, the windows are open, and I am able to sniff the fresh air. I can just sit looking out the window for a long time. It is sort of like meditation for me.

From my photo, you may not be able to guess my breed. I am a shorthair with a little mix of Siamese blue point. You can tell from my blue eyes. Siamese cats are some of the oldest on the planet, so I have lots of wisdom to share. Calling me a good girl calms me down. However, being purr-fect is not who I am.

As you can tell from my stated “issues,” I am a sort of a self-reflective cat. To read more about my adventures and reflections, keep coming back to this blog. If nothing else, let me bring you a moment of paws.

May your meow be heard! May your voice be heard!