No, I’m not sleeping peacefully or happily in my new T-shirt.

A few months ago while Grandma was gone for a few hours, I lacerated my upper back. Even though I was wearing my small kitty cone. I’m quite a contortionist with my back feet if I have an itch. That time at the Vet, Grandma learned that my monthly stinky flea medication probably was causing me to itch. Every time she applied it to the back of my head for the next two months, she put a T-shirt on me for a few days to keep me from hurting myself. The last two months of the medication, she threw away and switched me back to the flea medication which goes around my neck.  (I’m highly allergic to fleas, too.)

The only good thing about this new T-shirt is it is bigger than the last one.  Grandma also made the armholes even larger for my ripped front legs.  Because it is a bigger shirt, and it’s for a dog. Grandma had to cut off the tail of it before she sewed elastic around it. Originally the shirt said:  I  love (heart)  my human. Now my shirt says:  I love my. 

When Grandma first puts the T-shirt on me I become depressed and don’t do hardly anything except eat and sleep.  Also, during the day, I often flick my front paws as if I had stepped into water and sometimes, I jerk my body and head.

This last time I have had to wear my T-shirt, I have had dry skin. I was tearing and licking off my fur and also excessively itching my cone. After a few weeks of this, neither Grandma or I could sleep much during the night. After another trip to my Vet, I was prescribed a tiny bit of ointment that Grandma applies to the back of my head once a week.  It is full of herbs, so I smell like a seasoned pot roast, but it is helping my skin slowly.

After I’ve worn the T-shirt for about a week, I become grumpy cat and meow a lot begging Grandma to remove my T-shirt.  She doesn’t budge because she catches me licking my back legs and making new small holes in my fur. She sprays these areas with an antiseptic to help them heal. Even when I am wearing my T-shirt, I am inspired to play with my teaser toy with Grandma twice a day and love biting and punching it.

To learn more about me, you can read the book I wrote with grandma, Barbara E. Wade.  It’s called Sofi’s Tale.   You can purchase it at the website: .

May your MEOW be heard.

May your VOICE be heard.