Besides my pink fuzzy mouse, who is important in my book Sofi’s Tale, which I wrote with my Grandma, Barbara E. Wade, the toy that is the blur in the photo is another favorite of mine. Every day I demand (in a nice way) that Grandma play with me so I can punch, bat at, and claw my teaser toys on the end of the plastic rod.  At the end of the elastic string on that rod is a gray and brown fuzzy mouse with a bell attached to it and a soft feathered bee (that does not sting!). After Grandma casts the rod in my direction, even with my cone on, I am able to punch those toys faster than most cats.

Fortunately, no arthritis has set in so maybe I can keep up my speed and dexterity until I’m thirteen in 2021 and even older.  Who said FEMALE cats are wimps?

I’m so fast in the photo that you can only see the blur of my white paw. I’m good with both paws but I am definitely faster as a SOUTHPAW. (And you thought cats didn’t know about baseball.)

Since I don’t get along well with many other cats and particularly NOT MALE ones, we’ve had NO competitions to prove my title as THE FASTEST PAW IN THE WEST. I’ll gladly accept second place behind the fastest paw in the West. After all, at times, I am humble.