Here I am on top of the stairs that I used to use when I could not jump onto of Grandma’s bed.  Now I am healthy, so they have become another piece of cat furniture that I get to enjoy. Yes, that is my Kitty butt up in the air.   Most cat owner’s know about this, Most of us cats love to have our butts patted. I’m no exception.  In fact, my Grandma gives me major butt pats almost every day and I demand it if she doesn’t.

I’m a bit obsessive about these pats.  While I’m on my step: 1. I get butt pats for a few minutes. 2. Then I become so enthralled and excited while I am being patted I flip my head side to side and mark my Grandma with my jaw. 3. Then I lay down extending my front paws and cling to the top step. 4. While I continue flipping my head side to side, I also twist my body.  5. I begin twisting my feet and crossing them, and I become somewhat of a cat pretzel. 6. Then I have to untwist myself and legs because I become so excited that I want to run after toys such as the laser pointer, a bottle cap, or red bouncy ball. After all, I must always look graceful.  I’m a FEMALE cat.

Who knew that those two steps that helped me while I was sick would also provide me with a place where I could experience so much pleasure and joy.

P.S. I also have another place where I fall asleep in the afternoon.

To read and learn more about me and get a few laughs, I have a book called Sofi’s Tale, which I wrote with my Grandma, Barbara E. Wade.

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!