As I am going to be thirteen soon, my leg joints are not what they used to be. I no longer felt safe jumping up onto Grandma’s queen size bed. After she fell asleep, and I had finished doing my nocturnal wanderings, I would then want to get up onto grandma’s bed to sleep with her, and I couldn’t jump up.  I had to meow and cry to have her lift me onto the bed. This did not make her very happy!

After Grandma noticed that I never slept on top of the bed during the day like I had done even nine months earlier, she realized I might not feel safe jumping up on the bed anymore. As Grandma has a back problem, she was unable to drag the heavy stairs from the living room into her bedroom every night. She did not have the heart to move the “fun” living room stairs permanently into her bedroom either.

Therefore, a few weekends ago, first, she called the store where she bought the “heavy” steps.  They only had a ramp, which she did not want. At another pet store, where she often buys my fancy canned salmon, she found stairs, and she brought them home in a box under her arm.

After some unpleasant sounds coming from Grandma, while she was looking at the directions and trying to follow them, she set them aside. Within a few minutes, there was my second set of stairs!  She took them into her bedroom and set them right next to the bed. After my afternoon nap, she brought me into the bedroom. At first, I was confused. Oh, a set of steps to get up on the bed!

The first night, I had to get used to the new stairs. Then it  became so simple, and I did not have to meow to get on the bed any more!  Now, I usually only meow when I need her to feed me in the morning and night. I know that Grandma spoils me, and I try to be a thankful kitty.

You can read more about me in the book, Sofi’s Tale which I wrote with Grandma, Barbara E. Wade. It is at the website: .

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!