Where I used to live more than a year ago, I sat on newspapers under a table my Grandma had in her living room.  I think you humans call it a coffee table. Grandma had to give away that table because where we used to live there was mold in the apartment (see other blogs), and the poor table also grew mold!

Back then, I was not being punished while I was sitting under the table.  I like sitting on newspapers.  I think Grandma thought I might be a bit weird, but she never did say that to my face.

What I like about newspapers is the sound they make when I stand, sit, or lie down on them. it’s that crinkly sound that paper makes every time I move my paws on it. Also, Grandma spoils me again because every few weeks she puts down new newspapers.  She uses the free newspaper from our small city.

I think I started to like sitting on newspapers not long after Henri (the cat) came into my life. Henri did not like the sound newspapers or any paper made.  When I noticed this, I used this knowledge to protect myself.  It became a safe place for me to hang out. Henri and I are in my book, Sofi’s Tale, which I wrote with my Grandma, Barbara E. Wade.

This is a present day photo of me sitting on newspaper pages.  I particularly like newspapers in the spring and summer because they feel cooler on my furry belly, and I’m a COOL cat!

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