The first time ever:  SNOW!  Whatever that is.  White stuff was falling from the sky, and it had something to do with COLD.  When I put my paws on the window sill, they became very cold.  I also could feel that the window would have been very cold on my nose. This happened in my old apartment in late February of 2019. In this photo you can see me standing up.  I was in my kitty tower, which I still have, and am leaning towards the window.

This was not fluffy, light snow. I heard Grandma complain as she had to brush off her two small stairs and put ice melt down outside her apartment, so she could walk on the sidewalk. She even put some cleat like things on the bottom of her shoes. Her grumbling continued for more than two weeks  because this snow lasted that long, and there was nearly 2 feet of it!

Where we live, it is not like the East coast where practically everyone with a truck can attach a snow plow shovel, and they plow almost every street.  (Grandma told me about this because more than twenty years ago she lived in New Hampshire.)

During that snow, every time Grandma went outside, she wore several layers of clothing. When she returned after a while with the broom in her hands, she was holding her back even though she had worn her back brace. Then, she needed to lay down and rest.

That big snow drove the birds and squirrels into their homes. I didn’t see a single animal outside.  I did see some fallen tree limbs, which had broken off because of the heavy snow.

During that time with the big snow, I learned that it is beautiful, but a bit complicated and that I was thankful that I am an indoor cat.

To read more about me, you can purchase the book I wrote with Grandma, Barbara E. Wade. It’s called Sofi’s Tale. 

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!