Last summer 2019, I was negatively affected by mold. I was completely off my game. Speedy, coordinated, great jumper Sofi was not available.  I really felt worse and older than my 11 plus years of age. I was so not OK that after a short trip down a small hallway to eat food and drink water, I missed the bed the first time I tried to jump back up onto to it.  Grandma witnessed me miss.  I saw her wince. The second attempt I made it.

My Grandma is so good to me. The next day she was gone for a while, when she returned, she had this little set of stairs for me to climb safely onto the bed.  Here I am trying them out.  To make sure that I went down to the second step, she conned me with a few dried fish treats. Even for an indoor cat, life has its adjustments!

The good news about the mold was Grandma was NOT going to get my teeth cleaned until the following year. She was aware that my immune system was very poor at that time. Also, whether we were going leave this moldy apartment was under consideration.  See what happened in future blogs.

To learn even more of my backstory you can read my book Sofi’s Tale by Barbara E. Wade.

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!