Here I am sleeping mid-afternoon, leisurely dangling my back paw off the edge of my tower.  Grandma, who I live with, said that she saw my paw twitch.  This dreaming beauty was probably dreaming about the ONE and ONLY time I went outside for a whole seven to eight minutes.  That was three years ago! Before Grandma was able to herd me back inside the apartment, I had padded cautiously off the front step and around the corner to where there were some plants.

Grandma saw me and yelled,” No, Sofi!”

I had just opened my mouth and was about to bite into a large green leaf, probably the leaf of a Monstera plant (or is that Monster?). Those plants are toxic for cats and other animals. Oops!
After that, Grandma did not trust me to go outside again.  Then she also found out from my vet that fleas are known as SUPER FLEAS where we live, and I am very allergic to fleas. Their bites  REALLY make me itch 24/7.

Since that first and last outdoor adventure here, I treasure that memory, and it has become one of my happiest dreams. That is when I feel I’m a Sleeping Beauty the most.

Now, I must settle for sitting inside in front of the screened windows and doors and pretend that I’m outside. It is good I have an active imagination.

This Sleeping, Dreaming Beauty, is NOT dreaming about a cat prince.

To learn more about me, you can read my book that I wrote with my Grandma, Barbara E. Wade. My book is called Sofi’s Tale.  After you read it, you’ll also understand why I am NOT dreaming about any cat princes!