At times I try to be a grateful cat- REALLY.  When we moved to our new apartment last year, I got quite a lovely set up!  I have the best (and only large window) in the living room.  All my cat stuff: my steps, my cat tower with the cat teaser toy hanging down from it, and my cat toy box are arranged directly in front of that window. Those windows face south so we get plenty of afternoon sunlight. On sunny days when it hits my tower, I often take my afternoon nap there.  In all seasons, but summer, I feel cozy in my tower. In the summer, I head for my newspapers, where I will nap, and it is cooler.

My Grandma, who I live with, gets the light from and looks out that same window.  She even takes photos of clouds from that window. Those windows face south so we get plenty of morning and afternoon sunlight.

This is a better cat furniture and sun situation than I had in the old apartment.  There I had a thin ledge I could sit on, but I couldn’t sleep there.  I’m a twelve to thirteen pound cat, so there was no way I could lounge on that skinny ledge.  Also, there was barely any direct sunlight, so I would sit or lie down in my tower in the shade most of the time, not exactly cozy!

Sometimes, Grandma pulls up the blinds where we live now, so I can sit or lie in my tower and look up at the stars on a clear night.  As I said before, Lucky Me! I have so many options.

You can read about my back story in the book I wrote with Grandma, Barbara E. Wade, called Sofi’s Tale.