One thing I have had to get used to over time is that my Grandma sometimes sits in front of what is called a computer a lot.  Then it becomes difficult to get her attention, and she tells me to be quiet.

What, me, Sofi, be quiet?

One day about three years ago, not long after I started living with Grandma, I was down on the floor near the computer where all these wires were plugged into this device called a power strip. I stepped on the lighted button not knowing what it did.  I was able to turn off the computer, printer, everything! Like magic!

The moment that happened, Grandma hollered at me.  After that incident, I noticed any time when I got near those electrical cords, Grandma became nervous and almost immediately paid attention to me.  Then a while later, Grandma realized she could put her large trash can in front of those wires, and block me from getting near THAT BUTTON. She also put a chair in her the room where the computer was, and I sat up on that chair. While I was lounging there, she would pat me from time to time. Now, I also had another place to take a nap!

Where we live now in our new apartment, I have my  own chair, too, not far from the computer.

Of course, Grandma, Barbara E. Wade, wouldn’t have been able to write my book, Sofi’s Tale without a computer. You can find it on the website and read more blogs there.

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!