The grandma I live with loves Dogwood trees which we experience where I live in the middle of spring every year in late April or early May. Mind you, as an indoor cat, I’ve never seen one, but she has shown me some photos of them when they are in bloom. I guess you humans would call them spectacular unless you have allergies to them.

These trees got me to thinking about dogs and cats. Why aren’t there any Catwood trees or any trees with the name “cat” in them. There are cattails (that you find along streams and rivers), pussy willow, and cat’s tail (a pink fuzzy flower), along with catnip, and cat’s whisker, all flowers. Then from the big cats of our cat family, there are Lion’s tail and Tiger lily which are flowers, again. STILL, No trees.

I feel we cats are a bit neglected by the human population (except for cat and animal lovers). We cats go back to several thousand years ago when we were domesticated in Egypt. Statues of cats were even erected so long ago. So why do dogs rate a tree named after them. After all cats were domesticated FIRST!

Sure, there are “dog” people, “cat” people and people who love all animals. I always wondered about the people who can’t stand cats. What’s THEIR issue? It is true we, cats do our own thing a lot. You can never make cats into sled dogs or herd us! We choose when to sit in your lap, are a bit picky about what we eat, play when we want to, etc. That just shows you that cats have very GOOD BOUNDARIES. We can even teach our owners to have good boundaries, too. Of course, that means we don’t always get what we want, so cats have become good communicators with our ability to make over 100 different sounds. You should hear the really cute squeaking sound I can make.

I’ve said enough on behalf of cats, so I’m going to suggest something bold. Why not name the next exotic, beautiful tree that is discovered a CATWOOD. It’s only fair.

Read more about me in Sofi’s Tale, my book, which is mostly true about my life.

May your meow be heard. May your voice be heard.