This photo of me next to a laser pointer light may seem mundane.  What’s the big deal? Laser pointers are another toy I like.  My Grandma who I live with, is unable to take an action shot of me chasing the pointer, so we had to settle for a still photo instead. You can get the idea that I am looking intensely at it and am about to chase it.

Where I live now, I have an even better carpeted hallway to run down than in the apartment where we used live. At times I run so fast you can even hear me put on my brakes using my claws.  It’s not a very pleasant sound.  I love to race after the pointer straight into the second bedroom.   Sometimes, when I’m chasing the laser, I make a quick left turn into the bathroom when I am running out of the living room. I don’t always feel like chasing my laser pointer, particularly when I am not feeling well, or I am recovering from mold, or smoke, or whatever.

Recently I noticed Grandma was on the computer, and she was reading an article about the safety of laser pointers for us cats.  She had gotten the article from the Veterinarian that she buys some of my vitamins from. At first, I saw her take my laser pointer and throw it in the trash. After she took it out of the trash, she put it away in a kitchen catch-all drawer.  We don’t play with it as much anymore. I think she is afraid she might blind me.  Thanks, Grandma for watching out for me.

To read more about me, I have my own book, which Grandma, Barbara E. Wade, helped me write. It is called Sofi’s Tale.  

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!