I am NOT sitting on your typical skateboard.  I discovered or repurposed my cardboard floor scratching board into a SKATEBOARD. I did this because I like FUN, as in the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lauper says, and I’m an older GIRL kitty who will be thirteen in 2021.

In my apartment where I live with Grandma, there is a long carpeted hallway down which I run often. About half way down that hallway, there is a cardboard floor scratcher. Sometimes when I am running towards the living room, I jump onto the cardboard scratching board, and I slide a few feet into the living room. FUN!  Cat Skateboard invented!

My Grandma (my owner) calls me Thunder Cat when she sees me do this and when I am running back and forth down the hallway chasing bouncy balls or the laser pointer (See a future blog about that) and then jump onto the scratching board. My name Thunder Cat makes me feel like a super hero, and I feel so proud of myself.

If you want to read my backstory, I have a book called Sofi’s Tale which is written by Barbara E. Wade. You can purchase it at: https://unityunidadumojadanketsupressllc.com.

May your MEOW be heard!

May your VOICE be heard!