Mission for Unity-Unidad-Umoja-Danketsu Press LLC Website

The mission of Unity-Unidad-Umoja-Danketsu Press LLC is to provide a place for writings which include books and a blog which encourage Respect and Unity for all living things.

The main contributor to this website is Barbara E. Wade, who believes that all living things are connected in the universe and are in unity with one another. That does not mean we are alike, nor that all humans think the same. The mission of this website is to embrace and respect all kinds of people from: every faith, every ethnicity, every country, all people of color, and the LGBTQ community. By respect she means make an effort to speak, write, and act taking responsibility for our words and deeds towards all people, animals, and life on this earth.

The long name for this website is a translation of the word Unity into three other languages besides English. Unidad means unity in Spanish. Umoja means unity in Swahili. Danketsu means unity in Japanese.