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The first book that Unity-Unidad-Umoja-Danketsu Press LLC has published is the illustrated book, Sofi’s Tale which is based on the mostly true-life story of a rescued kitten named Sofi and her two rescued feline companions: Nico and Henri.

The tale shows how the cats sometimes connect and sometimes clash as they attempt to bond. With her second feline housemate, Henri, Sofi begins to meow less and less and hisses more and more at him and becomes afraid of him. Henri is confused and feels threatened by Sofi’s snooty attitude. The tone in Sofi’s Tale shifts to quirky humor as Sofi devises a plan to reclaim her stifled and nearly lost MEOW.

The cats in Sofi’s Tale by Barbara E. Wade will melt the hearts of young children, elementary school age readers, elementary school teachers, and all animal lovers.

Book Review:

“As a teacher of 6,7, and 8 year-old children for more than 38 years, I was always searching for books that talked about feelings my students could relate to. Sofi’s Tale is one such book.”

-Susan De Witt, retired teacher, Bethel District, Oregon

Sofi's Tale

This Tale is dedicated to all BEINGS, Human or Animal,
that feel they have NO voice. May YOU be heard. May
Your MEOW and voice be heard.