More than a week ago after the fires in the Pacific Northwest were slowly being extinguished, and it  rained, I got sick. Even though the air quality was good to breathe, I was sneezing every time I tried to eat, walk, or even sit.  My right ear had been itching for more than a week and was driving me CAT crazy. Of course my green small custom made cone (see Photo), designed by Grandma kept me from lacerating my ear.

The next day after all the sneezing, a Saturday, I woke up at 4 AM vomiting mucous on the blanket on Grandma’s bed.  A few hours later, I could barely move while I was resting atop Grandma’s queen size bed.

First, Grandma brought me water to drink. I really needed it. IT didn’t make me sneeze.  Yay!  Next, she brought me wet food.  While I was eating I, I had to stop to sneeze.  An hour later Grandma got out the cat carrier.  I knew my fate: a Vet appointment, so, of course, I hid under the bed.

Since it is CoVid 19 time, at the Vet’s office, I had to go in ALONE. These days I don’t even get Grandma’s petting, nor her loving words and voice to calm me.  During the examination, I successfully sneezed several times for the doctor.  She even found green liquid coming out of my nose and large amounts of phlegm coating my throat. Because of that phlegm, after we returned home, we found out I was unable to eat my dry food. (Sorry, for all the disgusting details).  Back to the Vet: she also cleaned out my ear, which I hated.  The Vet administered an antibiotic shot and ear drops to be put in my ear for a week.

By that Sunday, in the afternoon, I had enough energy to pull all of my toys out of my toy box and then went inside it to take a nap.   Grandma snapped this photo of me after I had fallen asleep.

After this experience, I’m going to speak up for us cats and maybe all other animals. These fires and the hazardous air quality harms us.  Even as an indoor cat with a plush life like have, and air filters running during the massive smoke from the fires, I still got sick.  How did the animals outdoors do?  I don’t even want to contemplate that.


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